SSI is the world’s top sustainable packaging company

Sourcing Solutions International has been firmly committed to sustainable business practices from its inception in 2002. This has included not only our company production facilities, but also the development and material selection used in our products, and outside service providers.

Our Commitment

Sustainability initiatives at Sourcing Solutions International begin at our very first step – development – and follow through in every step of our processes.

From production to the choices of materials used in our products and even other companies we choose to work with, every step that Sourcing Solutions International takes is focused on sustainability.

Collapsible Hook

If your company is interested in reducing your packaging costs, warehousing space needed, or freight expenses through all of your logistics chain, consider these revolutionary collapsible hooks from Sourcing Solutions International.

Paper Hangers

Sourcing Solutions International, in our tireless efforts to increase sustainability for both us and our customers, has developed several eco-friendly solutions as alternatives to traditional plastic hangers.

To help drive many retailers’ and brands’ corporate sustainability guidelines, Sourcing Solutions International paper hangers have been developed to meet more stringent manufacturing and quality standards. Several options are available using post-consumer waste and recycled materials.

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Trims and Packaging

Sourcing Solutions International has a myriad of options for paper-based packaging solutions, many of which are sustainably-sourced paper materials.

For printed and woven trims, Sourcing Solutions International offers raw material options like recycled polyester, organic cotton, and bamboo to meet customer sustainability requirements. Our transfer labels even use water-based inks, which are PVC and phthalates-free. Many of our printed products utilize soy-based inks, which are easily removable during the recycling process.

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In our tireless efforts to increase sustainability, Sourcing Solutions International has reduced the thickness and weight of our hangers to avoid the unnecessary consumption of plastic resin. At the same time, we have used our R&D processes to design our hangers to surpass the industry standards for strength and durability, despite the reduced weight and thickness.

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Our New Hybrid Hanger™

In our commitment to always focus on increasing sustainability, Sourcing Solutions International has developed an innovative new hanger with a paper body and plastic hook that reduces up to 85% of the plastic used in a conventional plastic hanger. Driving to maximize sustainability to levels never before seen, the paper for this hybrid hanger is even made from at least 70% post-consumer waste (PCW). A true game changer in sustainability!

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