Sourcing Solutions International (SSI): Growth, Values, and Communication for Sustainable Future

It’s been nearly a decade since the United Nations issued its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), calling on businesses around the globe to ensure that their consumption and production patterns are sustainable. Yet, the UN says in its most recent report that the progress businesses have made toward the goals has not been encouraging. While many have committed to supporting higher levels of sustainability, few have made actual progress. Sourcing Solutions International (SSI) is not one of the companies that gets low marks on sustainability. Since its inception in 2002, SSI has made and followed through on a firm commitment to sustainability. “Sustainability initiatives at SSI begin with the very first step in our processes — development — and continue in every step that follows,” says Joseph Schlossberg, VP of Global Sales at SSI. “From production to the choices we make about materials used in our products to the companies we choose to work with, every step that Sourcing Solutions International takes is focused on sustainability.”

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