With 30 years of experience working for the world’s top retailers and brand owners, our team at Sourcing Solutions International has built a proven ability to offer our customers branding solutions that can be traditional, trend-setting, or anywhere in between. Our dynamic design team can help to replicate your current branding solutions, modify existing product designs, or create new eye-catching, and trend-setting solutions that focus on aesthetics, performance, brand personality, and beauty.

Our creative team begins by collaborating with our customers in a discovery process, in which they undertake a deep dive into your brand’s needs, current solutions, brand requirements, and goals of the new branding exercise. This results in custom solutions that drive both merchandising and operational efficiencies, while also maximizing your brand’s recognition and product success.


Packaging not only protects the products inside, but the designs, copy, and illustrations on the packaging can be used to elicit desired emotions or responses in consumers. Good product packaging can also help to drive logistical efficiencies, whereas poor product packaging can have the opposite effect.

Our experts at SSI can work with your team to successfully replicate the current product packaging that your company uses, or collaborate with them to evaluate the current effectiveness of your packaging. We can also potentially design an improved solution to help drive effectiveness in your branding, packaging, operational effectiveness, merchandising, and retail sales.

Our team of experts has a proven track record of delivering effective and sophisticated packaging solutions that are visually enticing, durable, and operationally efficient, which can improve your overall merchandising scheme and brand recognition objectives.


Technology has led to a demand by customers that retailers have any information they seek nearly instantly. Whether it’s knowing where a product they saw online is located, price shopping against other retailers, or when the product they are looking for will be restocked, customers expect our information economy to include retailers.

Retailers are responding by adopting new technologies. They are finding this also helping to increase their efficiencies and reduce losses that come from slippage and logistics snags. If used properly, some of these technologies can even increase their ability to forecast trends and create personas for frequent customers to help drive their brand loyalty.

Our experts at Sourcing Solutions International can integrate any of the latest technologies such as EAS for loss prevention, NFC for product information ability and promotions, or RFID for uniquely identifying items and tracking every step of their lifecycle. We also provide multiple options for anti-counterfeiting and product authenticity.

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30 years of working with the world’s top retailers and brand owners have given us a unique perspective on what brands need to help their products succeed. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and excellence has made us a market leader in the retail industry. Contact us to find out why our personal touch has driven our success.

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