Paper & Hybrid Hangers

Sustainability is at the heart of Sourcing Solution International, learn more about our world-class, innovative sustainable solutions below.

Introducing the Hybrid Hanger ™ by Sourcing Solutions Intl.

An innovative hanger with a paper body and a plastic hook that reduces up 75% of the plastic used in a conventional plastic hanger.

The plastic used to make retail store hangers is either polypropylene (PP) or (PS) polystyrene. Both PP and PS are recyclable resins, however most curbside recyclers will not recycle PP or PS as they have little value or demand as a recycled resin in the US.  Consequently plastic hangers have become a key focus for many US retailers to find alternative raw materials to improve sustainability and reduce single use plastic.  In addition recent legislation in several states and Canada has set specific restrictions on PP, PS, and single use plastic requiring actions to reduce consumption.


Paper hangers have been identified as an option to plastic hangers, as paper hangers are made from a renewable resource.   However, paper hangers require a very large hook that is either too large for retail store displays, or the hook is simply just not strong enough to withstand the rigors of the retail environment.  Paper hangers have just not been a practical replacement for plastic hangers.

Sourcing Solutions Intl. has developed a new Hybrid Hanger ™ that addresses the need to use less plastic in the retail environment incorporating a recycled plastic hook and a recycled paper body. The innovative Hybrid Hanger ™ uses the same plastic hook that has been proven to work in the retail stores supply chain, and marries the plastic hook to a paper body with a patented sizing and locking mechanism.   

If your company is interested in reducing your packaging costs, warehousing space needed, or freight expenses through all of your logistics chain, consider these revolutionary collapsible hooks from Sourcing Solutions International.


The Hybrid Hanger ™ addresses consumer and environmental pressure to reuse-reduce-recycle plastic:  

Reduce Plastic-   reduces as much as 75% of the plastic by weight compared to a conventional plastic hanger.

Reuse Plastic    the plastic hook and sizer are easily removed and can be collected in store and returned to SSI to reuse in making new Hybrid Hangers ™.

Recycle Plastic-    both the paper and plastic components are completely recyclable though local consumer curbside recycling programs.  The plastic hook is made from recycled PET, that is in high demand in the US plastic recycling market.  The paper component is made from as much as 70% PCW and is totally recyclable.

We can design the paper hanger body to your specifications in any size shape, color, thickness or graphic.  The hanger is your canvas!  Contact us to see how the Hybrid Hanger ™ can assist in your sustainability goals to reduce PP, PS and single use plastic consumption.  

Paper Hangers

SSI has developed several eco-friendly paper alternatives to plastic hangers.In keeping with many retailers and brands’ Corporate Sustainability guidelines, Sourcing Solutions’ paper hangers have been developed to meet more stringent manufacturing and quality guidelines. Several options are available using Post-Consumer Waste and recycled materials.


Our New Hybrid Hanger™

In our commitment to always focus on increasing sustainability, Sourcing Solutions International has developed an innovative new hanger with a paper body and plastic hook that reduces up to 85% of the plastic used in a conventional plastic hanger. Driving to maximize sustainability to levels never before seen, the paper for this hybrid hanger is even made from at least 70% post-consumer waste (PCW). A true game changer in sustainability!

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