Labels may not be the first thing on your customer’s minds when they are shopping for new fashion items, but they are an extremely important part of any clothing item. The wrong labels may fade too early and leave your customers unable to read the size or care instructions. If made of the wrong materials or placed in the wrong position, the discomfort could render an otherwise perfect clothing item unwearable. With our 30 years of working in the apparel industry, we know that sometimes the small details can be the most important. We offer our customers many different options for their labels, and also the comfort that our trusted team of experts knows how to create an exceptional (and sustainable) product.


Our factories are equipped with state of the art looms, ultrasonic cutters, and folders to accommodate a variety of weaves, finishes, and folds from simple to complex.

Our quality threads and yarns, including metallic, are available in a spectrum of colors to match your branding requirements.


Our factories are equipped with 6-color printing capabilities and state of the art finishing equipment.  We offer a vast selection of quality fabrics and ribbons to select from in order to meet all your branding requirements.

Our Care, Content, and Country of Origin labels can be developed singularly or as an integrated label depending on individual requirements.

Care & Content Labels

Sewn into garments, providing consumers with the proper care instructions of each item, such as washing or dry-cleaning recommendations. Indicates list of materials used in the manufacturing of each item.

Country of Origin

Each country has specific information that is required by law to be indicated on a care or country of origin label. Information in addition to care and content may need to be provided in specific or multiple languages and include additional data like care symbols, and manufacturer information. Our experts will work with you to meet each countries standards as required by law.

Pricing and Promotions

Pricing and promotion labels typically advertise a specialized pricing structure or sale and need to be distinctive and highly visible. Our design team can help to improve your sales performance by creating a prominent label in any combination of sizes, shapes, colors. and materials.

Sizing Strip

Sizing strips assist the consumer in quickly locating their desired size within a merchandising display, commonly on folded apparel. From simple to sophisticated, our design team can create highly-visible designs which simplify the consumer shopping experience.