RFID technology plays a key role in IoT and when implemented at the source of manufacturing provides brands, manufacturers, and retailers insight across the entire supply chain, within retail operations, and into consumer behavior providing the critical data to remain highly competitive and increase profitability.

Brands and manufacturers can benefit from RFID in a multitude of ways, such as improving operational efficiency, and eliminating order inaccuracies – thus reducing millions of dollars annually in costly chargebacks. And when RFID is implemented at the source it passes invaluable benefits onto the retailer by gaining merchandise visibility and operational insight, which means when data is shared–  the results are in-depth analytics into buyer behavior which is critical in predicting future manufacturing demands and consumer trends.   We can integrate any manufacturers inlay within any branded, tag, label or packaging we offer.


EAS technology as been a long-term trusted solution to retailers in aiding in loss prevention. We can integrate any manufacturers EAS inlay into any branded tag, label or packaging that we offer, or create a special eye-catching branded theft deterrent tag label for any merchandise.


Anti-counterfeiting branded solutions provide consumers’ the confidence that the items they are purchasing are without a doubt, a brands authentic product. For high value and in-demand products, brands seek innovative solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, while having minimal replication and tampering capabilities. We offer a diverse array of security solutions from RFID labels which securely locks data, specially woven labels, holographic labels, to other cutting-edge security products.