Plastic Hangers

As a hanger, trim, and packaging supplier, Sourcing Solutions International is uniquely qualified to help the retail industry reduce plastic hangers & waste and transition to hybrid solutions. By utilizing vertical integration for all of our production facilities, we manufacture all of our components in-house and reduce the need for outside transportation and resources. We have also used product design innovations to help reduce our carbon footprint, by creating options to use sustainable and alternative material solutions whenever available in both our products and production processes.



Our vertical integration not only helps to increase our customers’ sustainability scores but also serves to provide us with an in-house level of quality control that is not found in our competitors. With every component of our hangers designed, developed, and manufactured strictly within our facilities, including our customized hanger injection molds, we can ensure quality control and a fast delivery time. In addition to the hooks, clips, and springs, we also manufacture all of the black recycled resins used in our GS1 specification hangers.

Our team of hanger experts at Sourcing Solutions International is available to provide you with information on product availability, or can help your company create a superior merchandising solution that meets your specific applications and customer, or merchandising needs. To learn more about our hanger selection, sustainability practices, or integrated solutions, click here to start a conversation with one of our experts.

GS1 Standard Retail

Our GS1 category portfolio includes every hanger which meets the GS1 retail standard. Each one of these GS1 hangers is also manufactured utilizing our vertically-integrated and sustainability-focused processes, meaning that every Sourcing Solutions International hanger can help increase your company’s sustainability score. We offer a vast collection of hangers designed for men’s, women’s, and children’s merchandise. Examples of the uses for Sourcing Solutions International’s GS1 hangers include:

  • Tops
  • Swimwear
  • Bottoms
  • Coordinates
  • Outerwear
  • Intimates

Sometimes there are unique challenges or needs for merchandise that cannot be met by standard hangers. Specialty hangers provide the ability to solve these unique challenges and can provide opportunities to improve business based on our individual customer’s needs or changing market requirements. When clients come to Sourcing Solutions International with existing challenges or brand initiatives that would require a unique solution, our research, engineering, and development teams provide innovative solutions to provide a measurable return on investment and solve their dilemmas.

Collapsible Hook

The collapsible hook is a revolutionary hanger design that can be integrated with any existing or customized hanger. By using collapsible hooks a company can reduce their packaging costs, warehousing space, and freight expenses from the origination source all the way through the supply chain to the retail location. To see how the collapsible hooks work, watch our brief video.

Tabletop Hanger

The tabletop hanger is a revolutionary solution that solves a complex and long-standing problem for retailers who need to display merchandise sold in sets, or who need to display their merchandise on a tabletop while keeping multiple garments together in the display. The Sourcing Solutions International tabletop hanger empowers both buyers and brand owners to create a true value-add retail combination. This retail solution provides retailers with the ability to pair any combination or number of garments together for their customers’ ease of selection. Our hookless hangers can also be integrated with any of our products, including branded header cards and polybags to create a secure, effective, and robust merchandising solution.

Swimform Hangers

Swimform hangers are the perfect retail solution for stores that need additional form functions from their hangers. These hangers allow swimwear to be showcased as it would be presented when worn, provoking an enhanced visual appeal to consumers who can see what it looks like on the human body. Unlike traditional body form units or mannequins, which are often bulky and costly, Sourcing Solutions International’s state-of-the-art swim form hangers are durable yet sleek and lightweight, which optimizes merchandising space and enhances the customer experience. As always, these swimform hangers from Sourcing Solutions International are also manufactured using our vertically-integrated and sustainability-focused processes, providing an additional benefit of helping your company meet its sustainability goals.

Integrated Hanger Components

Collapsible Hook
Our Sourcing Solutions International collapsible hooks can be adapted to be utilized with any of our popular top and bottom hanger styles. This allows the retailer or brand owner to reduce packaging costs, warehouse space, and freight or distribution expenses. The metal hooks of our collapsible hooks fold to reduce space in packing boxes by up to 5 inches, which allows more garments to be packed per container or truck, driving additional efficiencies in your supply chain and logistics process. To see a visual demonstration of these collapsible hooks in operation, watch our short video.


Sourcing Solutions International offers integrated hanger components that are available for most of our available hanger selections. These components provide additional options for brands and retailers by improving standard hanger designs, giving them the ability to display their merchandise in ways not provided by standard hangers.

If you would like to speak directly with one of our experts about the Sourcing Solutions International integrated hanger components and options, please contact us and one of our experts will be able to assist you.