Sourcing Solutions International is globally recognized as the apparel Industries most diverse, fully-integrated print, packaging, trim, and hanger solutions provider. Our vast application and use case knowledge, combined with an unrivaled portfolio, provides our customers with the innovative solutions required to maximize the success of their brand and merchandise appeal, improve supply chain efficiency, and increase consumer awareness

Our experts evaluate your current programs and processes and provide critical insight into areas which often improve commerical success and operational efficiency.

We deliver an unsurpassed experience through our company-wide commitment to excellence. Our customers turn to us with the utmost confidence to successfully deliver highly demanding projects which require 100% brand adherence, a minimal margin for error, and short delivery times

Our goal is to be the foremost trusted provider to the apparel and textile industry for innovative branding, packaging, merchandising, and identification products and solutions.

Sourcing Solutions International is firmly committed to sustainable business practices and has been since inception in 2002. The evolution of this commitment now includes numerous policies and procedures at company operated facilities, and as outsource suppliers or materials are required to produce a finished good, our certified best practice sourcing model ensures standards have been met.

In 2012, Sourcing Solutions International created the wholly owned subsidiary, Recycling Solutions International. Recycling Solutions International was formed based on the need to meet exact specifications for our production plants, our customers, and to meet ALL environmental regulations.  

Recycling Solutions International is a fully independent operation, which provides:

  • Reverse Logistics Operations – we work in conjunction with Retailers’ and Brand Owners’ waste disposal companies to ensure that their used or scrap garment hangers are recycled in an environmentally safe manner. We convert these waste streams into reusable raw materials used to manufacture new hangers, and other plastic poly-based items.
  • Precise Testing – we use state-of-the-art processing and testing equipment to isolate, identify and mix compounds to create reusable resins. We do detailed testing for both mechanical and chemical properties to insure great performance and environmental compliance.
  • Separation Processes – we separate materials by resin type and then extrude the resulting fractions with various additives to produce both recycled polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (HIPS).
  • Application Analysis – We can modify many of the mechanical properties within the resins to produce “tailor-made” resin composites.
  • Fulfillment – globally certified resins are distributed to our manufacturing facilities to satisfy the sustainability initiatives of not only Sourcing Solutions International, but a growing international customer base with applications other than garment hangers.


Our worldwide manufacturing facilities employ state of the art looms, printing, extrusion, molding, and finishing equipment which are capable of delivering any brand, packaging, or merchandising product that our customers demand.  With faciliies located in the most popular areas of manufacturing, this means rapid turn-around times, faster shipping, and reduced impact on the environment.

Production @ Needlepoint

Sourcing Solutions International is located nearest the most popular manufacturing locations worldwide and is continually expanding presence inline with key accounts in order to strategically expand production, fulfillment and customer service footprint. SSI is committed to creating job opportunities in locations vital to our customers success.

Locations in

Bangladesh • Cambodia • Honduras • Hong Kong • India • Indonesia • Korea • N.&S. China • Taiwan • United States • N.&S. Vietnam

Sustainability Initiatives

Our commitment to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment is an ever-evolving company-wide commitment.

Some of the ways in which SSI is committed to sustainability is through:

  • Assisting our customers in achieving or exceeding their sustainability goals, through strategically designing products utilizing quality sustainable materials, such as paper in lieu of plastic.
  • Prioritizing our investment in the research and development of branding, packaging and merchandising solutions that improve our customers key performance (KPI’s), but optimize the efficiency of the supply chain.
  • Utilizing paper, plastic and metal components manufactured with certified recycled materials, whenever practical in a products design. 
  • Printing with plant-based soy inks for CMYK printing.
  • Operating our heat transfer production lines exclusively on water based-inks, which are self-contained and recyclable
  • Creating our custom, Color Fusion Software, bolstered by our universal true-to-finish processing, we categorically attain 100% brand adherence, regardless of item numeration, alteration, or location of print facility; resulting in streamlined production, reduced frequency of human error, and overall reduction of waste. 
  • Positioning our facilities globally to produce and ship locally, reducing transit time and emissions; Our facilities are committed to reducing the use of non-sustainable resources, as well as monitoring the use of, and treating for contamination of all water utilized within the facilities.
  • Manufacturing all components of its products vertically whenever possible, to limit transportation and other outside resources.


Sourcing Solutions International is always seeking talented thought leaders in the industry who are self-motivated, and leaders of change.  If you'd like the opportunity to write your own job descrption, please contact us, and share how you would be a value add to our customer and organization. We may create a job just for you. Please contact us.