About SSI

Sourcing Solutions International is the world’s leading source of hangers and packaging in the retail industry. We are recognized globally as the apparel industry’s most diverse and fully-integrated print, packaging, trim, and hanger solutions provider. We have gained our expertise in hanger design and packaging solutions with our over 30 years of experience, and are now striving to ensure that our product designs and processes aid our customers and the planet in meeting or exceeding their sustainability goals.

As leaders in the apparel industry, we have now turned our attention to becoming leaders in sustainability as well. Our company has a global footprint, but we use vertical integration at each facility to limit the need for transportation and other outside resources. Our processes use certified recycled plastic and paper materials wherever it is commercially, designed, and in production practices. We have even created new products to help reduce the need for plastics in the retail industry that could potentially have a wide-reaching positive impact on the sustainability scores for the sector.

All of our Sourcing Solutions International production facilities have focused their efforts on reducing the use of non-sustainable resources in the production of products. We even monitor our production processes to ensure that we reuse materials internal to the production process whenever possible. We also monitor the use and treatment of all water used in our facilities, because we understand the importance of implementing sustainable practices from top to bottom.

Doing business with Sourcing Solutions International not only gives you access to the market leaders for hangers and packaging in the retail industry with 30 years of experience but also enables you to meet sustainability goals by working with producers who put those goals and your needs first.

Our goal is to be the foremost trusted provider to the apparel and textile industry for innovative branding, packaging, merchandising, and identification products and solutions.


Sourcing Solutions International has a global footprint, with administrative, sales, and production offices located all over the world. Each of our production facilities has been re-engineered and redesigned to make sustainable practices a priority, which passes those sustainability credits along to our clients and helps them to meet their own goals. Since our clients are some of the top apparel retailers and brand owners in the world, those goals are extremely important to both them and us.

Besides being sustainability-focused, our worldwide production facilities are also state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line. Our vertically-integrated facilities include state-of-the-art looms, printing, extrusion, molding, and finishing equipment that are capable of delivering any brand, packaging, or merchandising product that our customers demand. Because our production facilities are located in the most popular areas of manufacturing globally, we can provide rapid turnaround times, faster shipping, and reduced impact on the environment than other manufacturers.

Our production facilities are located in:

Guang Zhou • Shenzen • Shanghai • Vietnam • Cambodia • Indonesia • Bangladesh • India

Careers with Sourcing Solutions International

At Sourcing Solutions International we are looking to revolutionize the manufacturing industry and bring global sustainability practices to a new level. We are always seeking new, self-motivated leaders and change agents to join our team and help us to make the world a better place. If you are the type of self-starter who can work at a rapid pace, live on the cutting edge of evolving processes, and would be excited to write your own job description, contact our hiring team to let us know how you would add value to both our customers and the organization. Who knows, we may have to create a new job just for you!

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, contact our hiring team by clicking here.